Norilsk has collected the bulk of the fuel after the may spill on CHP-3

In Norilsk completed the second phase of works on liquidation of consequences may spill fuel in local CHP-3. Experts have completed the collection of the main mass of the fuel and water mixture.

Now comes the point collecting fuel, exceeding the maximum permissible concentration of oil products in the mouth of the river Barn is not fixed, told TASS in the operational services. On the surface of the river set 131 line booms with a length of 14.5 kilometer.

Only the waters of the reservoirs have collected over 25 thousand cubic meters of fuel / water mixtures, and fuel-water pits — even more than 33 thousand cubic meters. In the industrial dozer at CHPP-3 have taken more than 179 thousand tons of contaminated surface soil. The sorbent was treated with 136 kilometres of coastline and nearly 264 square meter of contaminated area.

may 29 on-site CHP-3 in Norilsk as a result of subsidence of the concrete platform and the destruction of the tank spread out over 21 thousand cubic meters of petroleum products. Specialists of Rosprirodnadzor found oil pollution of rivers Barn, Daldykan, the Pyasina river and lake Pyasino.

on June 28 in Norilsk was stopped unauthorized pumping of tundra runoff from the Talnakh enrichment plant, owned by Norilsk Nickel. During the pumping of liquid from the tailings pond to the tundra leaked.

And on June 29 in Norilsk, a fire broke out at the landfill of industrial solid waste. There is a fire swept over a thousand square meters.