Norilsk stopped the discharge into the tundra effluent from the concentration plant

In Norilsk stopped the unauthorized transfer to the tundra runoff from the Talnakh enrichment plant, owned by Norilsk Nickel. During the pumping of liquid from the tailings pond to the tundra leaked.

the Message about unauthorized discharge of effluents into the tundra zone was obtained by the investigating authorities. The investigating authorities TFR in the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Republic of Khakassia is being tested, the results will be a procedural decision. At the scene works investigative team.

the pumping of the fluid occurred without proper approvals from the threat of waste in the surrounding water, said an informed source “Interfax”. Pumping of fluid is discontinued, the leak stopped. Is estimated the damage caused to the environment.

In a Single duty dispatching service of Norilsk said that the incident occurred in the city district of Talnakh. There is a danger of falling waste into the river Heraelf. Work at the site of the incident involved 11 people and three pieces of equipment.

checking on the fact of transfer to the tundra effluent from the concentration plant in Norilsk started prosecutors and Rosprirodnadzor, complements TASS. On the spot also works operative group OMVD of Norilsk.

the place of the accident discovered a mobile pumping station with two connected rubber pipes. On external signs it is established that the pumping was conducted for a long period of time, say in law enforcement. To establish the boundaries of fluid flow of exploration results is not possible due to waterlogged terrain.

Earlier, on may 29, the on-site CHP-3 in Norilsk as a result of subsidence of the concrete platform and the destruction of the tank spread out over 21 thousand cubic meters of petroleum products. Work on liquidation of consequences of the oil spill is going so far.