Not a broken spirit: Donbass met released

Russia welcomed the exchange of detainees between Kiev and Donbass. In the statement, which was circulated by the foreign Ministry, that Moscow hopes that next year the parties will not only continue this practice, but will work on the implementation of the other provisions of the Minsk agreements. The agreement in principle on the exchange of “all for all” was achieved in the beginning of the month in the Channel summit in Paris. As freed met in Donbass?

Maxim could not see his beloved a year in combat he was captured and didn’t return. In the first minutes of the meeting proposed to her.

They did not break the conclusion. Here the soldiers of “Berkut”. They worked on the Maidan. Then they were pointless and seemingly endless was tried in the Ukraine. They know, as it was in Kiev, actually. Tell as armed protesters began to gather in the center like a shot at the police.

Republic of Donbass on the exchange of prisoners was attended by 124 persons. Gave 76. All of them on both sides — the citizens of Ukraine. A distinctive mark of the civil war.

Dasha Mestyashova in the past — the champion of Ukraine in Taekwondo. She’s been accused of treason, possession of weapons and the recruitment of scouts. Absolutely unsubstantiated.

They were beaten, humiliated, intimidated. Released tell how Ukrainian security services have tortured their citizens. “Tortured by the cold. 8 hours in a temperature of minus 20 in metal paddywagon kept” — remember people.

an Example of infinite persistence — of Mekhti Logunov. He was 85. A scholar and teacher. The Resident Of Kharkov. He was sentenced to 12 years for allegedly working for Russian intelligence, put a flash drive with secret information.

“350 people in the SBU, different experts are engaged in order to fabricate the same job with the file size of 50 kilobytes. Will achieve recognition of the SBU as a terrorist organization,” said Mehdi Logunov.

These people now do not show on the Ukrainian channels, there are other gEroi. But these residents of Ukraine fought for their country, wishing her a better life. Of Mekhti Logunov in the Great Patriotic war has lost six siblings — they were killed at the front. Myself, as a child, were wounded. Says Ukraine has to pay nationalists, either then or now.

All released now in hospitals. They are examined, many in need of medical attention. But, more importantly, they are not broken.