Not directly answered, but blamed the loss of the Crimea: Poroshenko questioned for Yanukovych

Kiev Monday, June 15, followed just two loud trials. One was associated with the appeal of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych on the verdict in the case of treason. Witness him called another former leader of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. However, the witness performed poorly: in three hours he did not directly answer almost any question lawyers. But another court, over the nationalist Sergei Sternenko, was much livelier. And the main passions boiled not in the hall, and on the street. What is the result?

going to court becomes the former President of Ukraine weekly routine, but today, through a mask with ornament embroidery Petro Poroshenko spoke as a witness. He has his own way explained why “the eagle” I dispersed the protesters:

— on the part of law enforcement was fatigue. 21 Feb a de facto part of the police, “Berkut” threw the weapon and retreated. The role of Yanukovich is very exaggerated.

the court summoned former Prime Minister — Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He said:

— I Think that the court of appeal can make only one decision — to increase the term of imprisonment with a maximum of 13 to 15 years. Do not rule out that all involved internal and external tools in order to reverse the verdict Yanukovych.

Poroshenko’s Interrogation lasted three hours, as the motorcade of the former President waited directly under the sign “Stopping is prohibited”. Only under the threat of calling a patrol car, not including the turn signals, turned on a pedestrian crossing and went to another place. Poroshenko, meanwhile, was trying to finally sink predecessor, telling how easily the Ukrainian army refused to Crimea:

— part of the APU was not more than 20 percent of combat-ready units. This is the result of Yanukovych. The army had no fuel, batteries, clothing, bullet-proof vests.

the fact that 20 thousand Ukrainian security forces in those days have moved voluntarily to serve in the Russian army, former commander in chief decided to hold back.

it Seems that in six years of reforms of the Ukrainian security forces to act effectively and not learned — now they retreat before the nationalists. Here is the trial of the former leader of “Right sector” (banned in Russia) in Odessa, an activist of the Maidan and the participant of the burning of people, may 2, 2014 Sergey Sternenko. Now he is accused of another murder.

When the girl of the defendant tried to break through to the paddy, it is immediately released. To make a show radicals the police did not interfere. But as soon as the nationalists saw the press among those who do not support them, the fracas began. In the end from the courthouse objectionable journalists were expelled.

President Zelensky while on isolation — cov hurts his wife. We have only to observe in the Parliament are criticizing the IMF agreement, under which, in exchange for the tranches will have to raise gas prices for the population, to optimize the schools, to privatize large enterprises.

“If Ukraine does not have enough intelligence to make such documents and to protect national interests, so it is not necessary and these positions are to take,” said MP of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko.

the walls of the office of the President at that time protested the deceived investors. The release from quarantine for Vladimir Zelensky will be difficult.