Not in the usual way: Russia has celebrated one of the major holidays

June 12, we celebrated the national holiday — Russia Day. On this day 30 years ago the First Congress of people’s deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia.

In Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill, President Vladimir Putin has awarded five Russians the gold medal “Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation”. And awards Putin personally awarded, which in itself is an important symbol of the return to normal life after the peak of coronavirus. After three months of the pandemic all already accustomed to, which is practically a formal event, meeting, meetings are held via videoconference.

However, traditional mass festivities on the occasion of Russia Day this year was not. Coronavirus is not completely receded, and risk their lives recklessly.

“We are together! We — Russia!” — these are the main words of the festival June 12, appear even in the sky. Aerobatic team “First flight” light aircraft “Yak” takes over Moscow. And on earth the choir of a large country plays the national anthem.

the Flag waving over the ancient Kizhi and in the village of Paris CHELYABINSKOI region, the lighthouse at Cape Aniva and to the hill of St. Michael, down even to the bottom of the sea of Japan. And on the island of Iturup tricolor stretched straight on one of the active volcanoes.

On Poklonnaya hill Russian flag takes to the skies, and the chorus of Glinka’s “glory” is replaced by the symbolic national anthem of the Russian Federation. Moments that make you freeze not only the few participants of the ceremony, but throughout the vast country.

“We are all together, we form a unified multi-ethnic nation. A symbol of our unity, sovereignty and independence is the state flag of Russia. It represents our victory, the willingness to overcome all the difficulties, our focus on the future”, — said the President.

In Vladivostok, the order to raise the flag on the rocket tothe cruiser “Varyag” gives the commander of the Pacific fleet.

And this is Severodvinsk. The newest nuclear submarine “Prince Vladimir” officially included in the naval fleet. Unique speed, maneuverability, stealth and military power of submarine — like no other country in the world.

“Russia is always a great Maritime power. Only a few countries can afford to have a fleet and submarines,” — said Nikolai Evmenov, the chief of the Russian Navy.

the Tricolor flies proudly on the deck of the “Prince Vladimir”. As solemnly he floats in the skies over Dublin, sprawled awkwardly on the huge embankment . Tel Aviv. The whole world together with Russia. Even the tallest tower — Burj Khalifa — Shine in colors of the holiday.

In Russia, the building of monuments highlighted the gratitude to the heroes of our time — doctors, couriers, drivers.

And the walls of the Moscow Kremlin for the first time, tri-color. however, this year June 12 is all wrong, as usual. For the first time the ceremony of awarding the Stars of hero of Labor is the day of Russia. And for the first time on Poklonnaya hill. But it is here we always remember the heroes of the Fatherland — people’s names which is the pride of the country.

the Celebration is unthinkable without the words of those who today holds the country.

“Such a generous, hardworking, open-minded people is a real support and pride of Russia. And in the time of testing, we understand this is especially true when life puts everything in its place, clearly separating value and inflated, imaginary magnitude. The modern world, faced with new challenges and threats, has rethought many things. We all new felt, discovered high mission the men in white coats — doctors, nurses, employees of hospitals, clinics, ambulance service, we salute their service, courage, boundless sacrifice. Of course, many of them worthy of the highest awards,” said Vladimir Putin.

the Hero of Labor Leonid Roshal, President Vladimir Putin hugs. Doctor in mask and gloves — answers “coronavirus” handshake.

“I understand that in today’s economic situations to make healthcare Russia, one of the best in the world difficult. But it is necessary. And key to this are the sections of the Constitution, which today changed the National medical chamber and the onf. We need to make in every corner of Russia, where people would live, he needs to obtain high-quality and affordable medical care”, — said Leonid Roshal, Hero of labor, the President of Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology.

Dr. Roshal is always there when children need help. The path has not changed since then, as in the fifth grade in the essay wrote: “I Want to cut people appendicitis”, and before the establishment of the Institute of urgent children’s surgery and traumatology.

the Pride of legendary Magnitogorsk Alexander Motorin. The hereditary Metallurgist — 40 years he works at the plant. The heart of steel country in these workshops forged the story, because it’s steel Magnitogorsk has won the steel of the Ruhr.

“Every third shell, the armor of every other tank in the war was made from Magnitogorsk steel. Magnitogorsk was, is and remains the heart of Russia. Be sure that the metallurgists of Magnitogorsk, Russia will do everything for the prosperity of our great Motherland,” said Torin.

Yuri Solomin week will turn 85. And in the workbook only one entry — “the State Small theatre”.Noble and uncompromising. Knight art. Already generation of viewers submits it to the innkeeper of “Ordinary miracle”.

Another Hero of labor — Dmitry Mindiashvili — at the ceremony in Moscow was unable to be present. Genius wrestling. The founder of the Krasnoyarsk borzovsOh school. His students for decades — the kings of the carpet.

High-flying man Hero of labour Leonid Belykh. At the Ulan-Ude aviation half a century ago he was brought by his father, and since then, the pride of the plant — the legendary “eight” — helicopters Mi-8 flew around the world.

“you Have a great plant, wonderful. What we saved it is a miracle really,” — said the President.

For the traditional glass of champagne, the President discussed the development of Magnitogorsk. “Magnitogorsk is developing successfully”. “Shareholders are great. In recent years, it is very decent money, good money in large amount to invest in the environment, to upgrade production. Well done, not greedy. That’s good. Emissions decreased significantly just. And for people this is very important,” — said Putin.

Leonid Roshal was about to talk away from the cameras. Yuri Solomin, the President wants a successful theater season: “All your colleagues please pass on my best wishes and kowtow. Hope the season is good, despite all the difficulties.”

the complexity of the Russians did not prevent, though in an unusual format, but to celebrate the Day of Russia.

“we Have common historical code, moral principles, our unconditional respect for the person-the worker, the defender of the Fatherland, to our inextricable centuries-old history, traditions and culture, preserving the memory of ancestors, honoring parents and family, his love of the land and the inviolability of our borders. These are the basics that determine the character and destiny of our people, the development of the country today and in the future. And therefore it is natural that so often there were proposals to make these fundamental core principles in the Constitution of Russia. I am convinced that this position is in agreement with and supports the vast majority of our citizens,” Putin said.

Citizens in the absence of the possibility to be in the squares according to old tradition remained in the native yards. But if it is necessary to emphasize the scale of the festival, a giant inscription “Russia” at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant coped with the task. These 570 meters in length and 52 in height, may be seen even from space, but the ISS on 12 June was declared a holiday.

As it turns out just to talk about love of country, if you sincerely like children.

Text: “News of the week”