Not only alcoholism: how to understand what your liver needs help

In 2002, it completed a major international study on the proliferation of liver cirrhosis in 195 countries over the period from 1990 to 2017-th year. It turned out that Russia is on the increase in mortality from cirrhosis of the liver is on the 4th place in the world.

At the moment in Russia almost 4 million people suffer from cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is an advanced stage of liver disease in the bad sense of the word with a number of extremely unpleasant symptoms which people may lose the ability to work and usual lifestyle.

according to the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor-physiotherapist, a specialist in traditional systems of healing and TV presenter Sergey Agapkin, the usual causes of cirrhosis are considered hepatitis b and hepatitis C, alcoholism, and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis — a condition that develops due to obesity and diabetes, and a group of other factors.

However, contrary to the myth, from cirrhosis can suffer not only the people who abuse alcohol, but also young, socially active, successful people, he said.

How to prevent disease stage and time to understand that liver is something wrong? The doctor lists the symptoms that are worth paying attention to.

the First symptom is pain in the right hypochondrium. Next is nausea and dizziness and frequent cases of bloating.

Another symptom of disorders of the liver — bitter taste in the mouth.

can Also be swelling — usually is a regular swelling of ankles. And finally, increased fatigue, says Dr. Agapkin.

Also, one of the early and obvious symptoms of a sick liver is a persistent feeling of tiredness and weakness for a long time — several days or even weeks.

“the Reason for this is the increasing number of toxins, such as ammonia and waste products in the blood, which the liver can not withdraw, because the weakened body is unable to get rid of these inexist”, — says the expert.

“If you experience these symptoms for a long time, and especially if they go hand in hand with other early signs of diseased liver, you should immediately consult a specialist,” advises Dr. Agapkin.

Answering the question of how to get rid of this dangerous ammonia and can I restore the liver, the doctor replied that “normally, the liver itself can cope with.”

“But it’s a long process, and in violation of the liver she needed to help. It will have to give up bad habits is to limit your alcohol, stick to the assigned diet, as well as the specialist can assign the appointment of special funds for liver gepatoprotektoram”, — said the expert.

this adds Agapkin, you must know that most of these drugs only affects liver cells, but does not clean from toxic ammonia.

“of Funds, which simultaneously improve the functioning of the liver and eliminate ammonia – units. Such funds may enter natural for the body amino acids such as L-ornithine and L-aspartate. They can help to neutralize the ammonia and positively affect the recovery of liver function, improve health and metabolism,” — says the doctor-reabilitolog.