Not only headache: symptoms, indicating rupture of the aneurysm

the TV channel “Russia 1” neurosurgeon, candidate of medical Sciences, head of endovascular Department of the Federal medical biophysical center named after Burnazyan Moses Aronov told about what symptoms indicate a rupture of the aneurysm.

Hemorrhage due to aneurysm is very heavy, but half of patients doctors can help. The main thing – not to admit repeated hemorrhages, says Aronov.

He notes that headache is the most important and severe symptom in aneurysm of the brain.

“When that happens, patients feel sudden rescisao headache. They usually describe it as a blow, as the most severe headache they ever experienced ever in my life,” says the medic.

this is Often accompanied by nausea, maybe with vomiting, convulsive seizure, loss of consciousness, adds the doctor.

Another sign is a violation of movements, as in stroke.

in addition, can be observed and blurred vision. “The person may experience double vision before my eyes, in scientific terms this is called diplopia, and outwardly it may appear to some a small squint in certain eyes,” says the neurosurgeon.

Also sometimes the loss of sensitivity numbness, arms, legs, torso, face, neck, pain in the side of the face, similar to trigeminal neuralgia, aneurysm when it affects the trigeminal nerve.

Moses Aronov said that the risk of the aneurysm partly raise cholesterol, hypertension, Smoking. In addition, there are risks of birth the predisposition to its development is inherited from the next of kin.

the Expert also reported that a brain aneurysm is not uncommon: it is three out of 100 people, and people live with it.

as for the statistics of ruptured aneurysms, the average of 10 to 15 cases per 100 thousand population a year.

“Even with the maximum topomeniali we can say that more than half of the aneurysms do not show themselves and will not show in any way during a person’s life” — telling a neurosurgeon.

“So it’s important when we identify the aneurysm by accident, to understand how dangerous the group to which it belongs, is there a high risk of rupture, or not,” adds Aronov.

On the question of what to do if he has observed these symptoms, an expert says that we must first see a specialist, and the “MRI in a vascular mode, even without the introduction of contrast agent sufficient to make sure that everything is in order.”