Should the work of regulatory bodies would avoid oil spill in Norilsk. About Vladimir Putin said at a meeting devoted to liquidation of consequences of technogenic accidents. An emergency, according to the President, identified a number of systemic problems that now need to be solved quickly, including at the legislative level. In addition, the head of state demanded not just clean the territories from diesel fuel and to restore the disturbed ecological environment. He was told today by those who will do it?

Huge patches of diesel fuel is no more but the shore still require cleaning — so today look the same crimson rivers under the Norilsk struck first, local fishermen, and then the whole country. At this stage of the works, reminded the President, not the speed at the forefront.

“I Know that managed to reverse the situation, containment of spill fuel and then proceed to clean up polluted areas. The important thing is not what is called real quick to clean up after themselves, and to ensure that quality restoration of soils and waters. Therefore, it is necessary to continue the strict control over the liquidation of the accident consequences, as well as the storage and transportation of contaminated soil,” — said Putin.

a Hundred thousand cubic meters of oiled land is already taken in closed hangars — it will need to clear, but rescuers are ready to collect the same amount — so deep diesel fuel leaked into the ground.

the footage we shot in early June, when the liquidation was already in full swing — Brooks was cut literally the entire tundra, especially now in the short North for the period of snowmelt. It is they who made the breakthrough so catastrophic. There are still, even after all the cleanups, you can see the oil seeping from the soil. Same place today only sand and mobile storage of petroleum products. More hundreds of these installed and on the banks of the river AMBARNA, she has collected 32 thousand cubic meters of dirty water, which was stored here until the winter, but the MOE decided otherwise.

“most Likely, will be constructed of flexible tubing, he will go just to the places of disposal. Of course I need to secure storage capacity until this problem is resolved,” said Minister of civil defense, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters Eugene Zimichev.

“today is financed to about five billion rubles. In the future, we, fulfilling our promises, we Fund it, not a single ruble from the budget will not be spent,” said President, Chairman of the Board of JSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin.

Norilsk Nickel pays, including, for the mistakes of their subordinates in the RTN still did not rule out a version error when repairing the tank. Who should be responsible for what information about the accident was going at the Federal level three days?

“I ask you, Victoria V., and even look at all of our respective organizations and structures of control. Where were they then? Here I saw the same as the fuel went on the ground. Why not have a timely reaction to the current event? That’s, you know, forces us to consider how, in practice, we have organized the work. I beg you most carefully to perform not to slap deal, but to ensure that nothing like this would happen, not only in the Arctic, where the ecosystem needs special attention and special protection, and in the whole country. This is not only numerically small peoples of the North suffer from this, people can get hurt anywhere,” asked the Vice-Prime Minister of Victoria Abramchenko Vladimir Putin.

the restoration of bioresources of the rivers and lakes will need ten years and two new plant breeding of fish. The rehabilitation of the fragile Northern nature is the next stage of the work, splanment which will help local residents.

“Consider it necessary to involve representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, since many of them in personal conversations, meetings, expressing reasonable concern that this accident may affect traditional forms of their economic activity, their life on this earth,” — said the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS.

“the Obvious thing: these negative events could have been avoided if it was properly organised, the control of the respective structures. And not to shake there like a punching bag all handy, namely in order to prevent things of this kind. That is, the business approach should be systematic. This event revealed a number of systemic problems, and they need as quickly as possible to fix, work out all the details and to take appropriate actions to improve the regulatory-legal base”, — said the President.

the Accident near Norilsk is a large, but still a special case. Russian Arctic — millions of square kilometers of land and hundreds of potentially hazardous nature of the enterprise. Each on behalf of the President now experts check the technical and prirodnadzor.