Not really a parade; astronomers urged not to panic due to the position of the planets on 4 July

on the eve of July 4, the number of media and social networks, a sinister materials, heralding to the world another Apocalypse of the so-called parade of planets.

meanwhile, astronomers explain the picture of the celestial sky in July in General, and on 4-5 July in particular, soothing worry: to fear the allegedly sinister omens of heaven is not worth it.

Although the July evening sky really is something to see.

for Example, 4th of July Earth will be at farthest distance from the Sun, July 5 will occur the third in this year’s Eclipse of the moon, and on July 28 will fall to the Ground a rain of stars in the night there will be a maximum of a meteor shower, the Southern Delta Aquarids.

in addition, all of July I confront the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which are perfectly visible in the night sky.

as for the so-called parade of planets, as stated on the website of the Moscow planetarium, if you look at the Solar system as if from above and from the salt lick, it is true that 6 planets lined up almost in a row, one after the other.

“Since July 4, we can observe in the night, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and Venus in the morning. To 14 the number of visibility of Saturn and Jupiter will only improve because they will just go (Jupiter 14 July, and Saturn – July 21) in opposition with the Sun, that is, will be good to reflect sunlight and watching them will be more convenient,”

As explained by RIA Novosti, scientific Director of the Moscow planetarium Faina Rublev, Uranus with Neptune from a distance with the naked eye are not visible, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be visible at night, Venus is visible only in the morning, and mercury near the Sun, and it outshines it”.

That is to rely on the fact that the man on the balcony can see how all the planets in the Solar system lined up on one side from the sun, it is not necessary, said Rublev.

however, she said that in science this term, like “parade of planets” no: it was invented by the media to attract attention, and that the position of celestial bodies the life of humans “will have absolutely”.

“Some people link it with some disasters, and the coronavirus is credited, this is nonsense,” — says the scientific Director of Moscow planetarium.

Rublev explains: “It’s just a regular repeatable configuration of the planets. She is known for, she understood. Science, and they are not engaged, because no evidence to this cannot be.”