Not so terrible mayonnaise how scared earlier

In the eve of new year holidays, the experts give numerous tips on what and how much you can eat and drink without harm for health, and that during the feast it is better to avoid.

Previously, a number of nutritionists recommend not to lean on the heavy and oily snacks. Some have criticized and traditional “Olivier” without which many cannot imagine new year’s table.

However, not only this, but many salads are dressed with mayonnaise, which nutritionists recommend if possible, replace with lemon juice or vegetable oil.

However, fans of mayonnaise reassured by the nutritionist of the highest qualification category, Federal research center of nutrition and biotechnology, candidate of medical science, doctor-therapist Catherine burljaeva.

on radio Sputnik she assured that judicious use of mayonnaise will not cause harm to the body.

More than that, the sauce may even be beneficial, said the nutritionist. She explained that vegetable oil, which is part of the sauce, allows you to maintain the balance between bad and good cholesterol, and vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cells against aging and the negative effects of the environment.

in addition, it is good for skin elasticity, beautiful hair and nails.

as for the so-called “homemade mayonnaise”, it says burljaeva, the difference between them is small: the ingredients are the same, but the vitamins in the industrial product even more.

However, he reminded the doctor, it is important to remember that mayonnaise is not the main dish, and the addition to it. So one should consume it in moderation and correctly embedded into the overall concept of the diet.

Norm, as in the use of other products, for everyone, it depends on the height, weight and age, and the presence of chronic diseases.

for Example, noted nutritionist, as in mayonnaise includes vinegar, it is not recommended for people with stomach kishechnogoabout tract in the period of exacerbation, and due to the contained salt is to limit the use of this sauce to people with hypertension and kidney diseases.

Earlier, experts told Roskoshestvo, how to choose a quality natural mayonnaise and to distinguish it from the mayonnaise.