Russia will develop their nuclear forces until, until work begins on the new agreements on arms control. It promised Vladimir Putin. The President held an extended meeting of the Collegium of the defense Ministry. One of the highlights of the year — the share of modern weapons in the nuclear triad was 82%. The troops are already being hypersonic systems “vanguard”, to protect themselves from which in the foreseeable future will not be a single aggressor. That should be domestic service — the best in the world.

in addition to summarizing the most important results of the year and setting goals for the future, on the expanded Board of the Ministry of defence to hear the strategic statements of the Supreme commander. Speaking about breakthroughs in the Russian science and military industry, Putin stressed that Russia will not get involved in it imposed a new arms race.

“We are always catching up with: the atomic bomb created the United States and the Soviet Union was catching up. Means of delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons have also not been. It was not a strategic aircraft. The Soviet Union was catching up. The first missiles of Intercontinental range is actually too appeared not from us. The Soviet Union was catching up. Today we have a unique situation in our modern history — are catching up with us,” said the head of state.

No country in the world, said Putin, still no hypersonic weapons, and even more able to overcome the distance between the continents. Russia has. The air-based complexes “Dagger”, for example, are already in service. Had entered the army laser weapon systems “Peresvet”, the name which in honor of the heroes chosen for the national vote. This week near Orenburg will be put on combat duty air defense system “Avangard”. A rocket fired from it, can be maneuvered so that its flight is unpredictable.

“This is the latest, and we are proud that aboutto see success in terms of putting on combat duty,” — said Sergei Karakayev.

the Russian military has demonstrated a “Vanguard” of the American inspectors, following the letter of the Treaty on strategic offensive weapons, while the USA, apparently, continue to follow the path of destruction with such labor agreements.

“a Serious concern is the degradation of the system of arms control. By that I mean not only scrapping the United States of America of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range on absolutely far-fetched pretext, are absolutely groundless pretext. From November of this year Washington has created uncertainty regarding its future participation in the Treaty on open skies. Remain unclear and the prospect of renewal of the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms. I should add that all this is happening against the background of the growth potential of the global missile defense system the United States of America. We see this, we understand. In this regard, it is necessary to continue strengthening and development of the army and Navy,” — said Putin.

the US Military budget exceeds the next year to 750 billion dollars. This is comparable to what you spend on defense, all countries of the world combined. The budget of the military-industrial complex of Russia in 16 times less than the us.

“against the background of increasing spending in the United States and other countries, the military budget of Russia for several years has remained virtually unchanged, — said the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. — If in 2018 we were on the 7th place in defense expenditures among the world’s leading countries, this year at the 8th place, and next year we’re already at the 9th”.

However, money doesn’t solve everything, considering that with a much more modest expenditure of Russia inaugurates new air defense system “hero”, which have no analogues in the world. No competition and hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, which, as it became known, will be powered and coastal systems, and warships. Rocket “Sarmat”, the flight tests which are prepared by the military, will replace the world’s most powerful strategic missile silo-based missiles “Voevoda”.

“Sarmatians” is about to go into service in units of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Orenburg region. All these latest developments VPK Vladimir Putin said for the first time during last year’s address to the Federal Assembly, which was sensational. At the same time the President announced another superweapon. Cruise missiles of unlimited range “savages”. Today, the President confirmed that the work goes according to plan.

“due to what we can, must and will go ahead? I literally said, then it is due to brain, through intelligence, through better organization of work, by minimizing theft and sloppiness at the expense of focusing on key main lines, which will provide a high level of defense capability of the state”, — said Vladimir Putin.

Military space forces will receive more than 100 modern aircraft. For clarity, in the spacious atrium of the Ministry launched the exhibition with models of advanced weapons. The President toured the exhibition with curiosity. However, many of these specimens the commander in chief saw during the exercises, on the ranges.

a New development for the airborne forces — the parachute for landing in tandem, unless you count the dogs.

the Dog today made 12 jumps. Therefore, we test our system, test the handler with his dog.

during the inspection, Putin has repeatedly said — that the weapons, which is not inferior to world standards. After the President noted, we need to surpass.

“This is not a game of chess, where we can sometimes settle for a draw — said the President. Is the military organization of the state, the technique should be better. We can achieve this, achieve this in key areas of development, and so need all the components to work.”

the following year, the army will receive 14 ships, three submarines, 18 boats and support vessels. Ships are built and it seems so much that the journalists, the question arises — will there be enough fantasy names.

“the names are selected, or the names of prominent military or leaders, or the names of the cities”, says the commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation Nikolay Evmenov.

“Indeed, today we have modern weapons, learned to use it, do it effectively. At the same time consumed a minimum amount of money. And I would also like to recall that in the beginning of the century and in the 90-ies of the last century, on the contrary, we had very serious problems with the defense,” said Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

the Share of modern weapons in the nuclear triad of Russia has reached 82 percent. This is encouraging, given that the US and NATO trying to surround Russia with missile systems do not stop.

Given all of this will run the main task — by the end of next year the level of modern equipment of the army will be not less than 70 percent. In many branches it has already happened. But what said the commander in chief, is not to reach a certain level and hold it. Modernization and procurement of new weapons the army needs to happen constantly.