In the last of three mood tests, the German national soccer team meets Colombia at the end of the season. After recent sobering performances, the game in Gelsenkirchen is an important location for the selection of national coach Hansi Flick, who has come under increasing pressure. Follow the game in the live ticker:

After the previous disillusionment in the international treble in June, which the result against Colombia does not change much, the national soccer team is still testing its European Championship form this year against World Cup terror Japan and runner-up France. “Everything will look very different in September,” says national coach Hansi Flick. “Then we’ll definitely see a team that should, for the most part, also achieve the success that we want for Euro 2024.”

A total of six international matches from September are still planned for this year. After the games in Wolfsburg against Japan and in Dortmund against France, the DFB selection travels to the USA in October. There are two games on the program, one of them against the US selection in Hartford. The second opponent and the second venue have not yet been determined.

At the end of the year, two friendlies in Vienna against Austria and in Berlin against Turkey are on the cards. The European Championship groups will also be drawn in Hamburg on December 2nd. This is also a very important date in Flick’s tournament countdown. In the EM year 2024, international matches will be played in March, before the end of the season in the club competitions for direct preparation for the tournament. Then there is another possibility for test games.