Negotiations on the end of the strike at the six university clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia between the Verdi service union and employer representatives of the clinics have not yet come to a conclusion on Friday. Further hearing dates have been agreed until Thursday next week. This was announced by the service union Verdi WELT. This marks the ninth week of the strike in the university hospitals. After the eight-week strike at the Berlin Charité and the municipal hospital operator Vivantes last year, this heralds one of the longest strikes in the healthcare system in recent years.

The Cologne Regional Labor Court could meanwhile order a halt to the strike next Wednesday. The University Hospital Bonn had filed a lawsuit against the strike and argued with the well-being of the patients. A judicial prohibition of the strike would apply to all six university hospitals. The Bonn University Hospital failed with an identical lawsuit a few days ago at the Bonn Labor Court.

Katharina Wesenick, head of the Verdi department in North Rhine-Westphalia, accuses employers of “playing for time so that they have to make as few commitments as possible”. “Crocodile tears are cried on the outside, compromise lines are prevented on the inside,” accuses Wesenick of the employer representatives of the six university clinics. Wesenick criticizes the behavior of the university clinics as “irresponsible” and as “endangering the well-being of patients”. The university hospitals have not made any statement for the time being.

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