Nvidia and Asus have created the first 360-Hertz

Asus, in collaboration with Nvidia, presented the most high-performance monitor for competitive players. The novelty is claimed as the first to market with a refresh rate of 360 Hz. Making the picture smooth, it will allow competing gamers faster to detect targets, aim and others respond to the game events.

the Diagonal of the Asus ROG Swift 360 is 24.5 inches, resolution – Full HD. Response time, according to the manufacturer, does not exceed 3 MS. “With the frequency of 360 Hz, the frames are updated every 2.8 MS, which is 6 times faster compared to traditional gaming displays and TVs,” said Nvidia.

the Asus ROG Swift technology support G-Sync, which allows graphics cards and computer monitors to “understand” each other that each new frame is displayed only if necessary. So, G-Sync speeds up gameplay, minimizes jerks, delays and makes the picture smoother.

the Asus ROG Swift with a higher refresh rate will show visitors of the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, which will be held in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January. Price and date of sale will be announced later.

Text: To.Hi-tech