Oberstab: from coronavirus in Russia has recovered 62 percent of cases

the Number of patients who had recovered from coronavirus, has increased in Russia during the day 8 988 just recovered 384 152. Thus, already recovered 62% of all cases COVID-19. This was reported in the operational headquarters for the fight against novel coronavirus infection.

in addition, during the last day recorded 6800 new cases of the disease in 85 Russian regions. At 28.5 percent of the infected there were no clinical manifestations of the disease. The country was 620 794 cases.

the Number of new cases in Russia continues to decrease and on Monday they were 7.6 thousand, on Tuesday — 7.4 thousand, on Wednesday and Thursday — 7.1 thousands. Growth per day was 1.1 percent. The lowest growth rate in Moscow (0.4 percent), Chechnya (0.6 percent), Moscow region, North Ossetia-Alania, and Chukotka (by 0.7%).

in addition, the day he died 176 people. Over the entire period of the pandemic died on 8 781 patient.

According to the CPS, conducted more than 18.4 million tests for the coronavirus, under the supervision of doctors are 303 thousand people.