Oberstab updated coronavirus statistics for Russia

Russia has in recent days revealed 7 728 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in 84 regions of the country. Fully recovered in the whole country 5 119 people recorded 109 deaths.

At 30.2 percent of new cases there were no clinical manifestations of infection new coronavirus, according to the official telegram-channel operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus.

today, the country detected 584 680 cases, at the same time since the start of the pandemic have recovered 339 711, and died 8 111. Daily gain of new cases in Russia eased to 1.34 percent. For five days the number of new cases does not exceed 8 thousand people.

In Moscow confirmed 968 new cases of coronavirus is the lowest since April 9. The decrease in the number of identified infected in comparison with previous day is 8 percent. All patients and close contacts of the person are already under medical supervision.

the Smallest growth rate per day was noted in the Nenets Autonomous district — 0%, in Moscow — 0.5%, the Jewish Autonomous region — 0.8%, in Crimea — 0.8 percent, in North Ossetia — 0.8 percent — and the Chukotka Autonomous district — 0.8 percent.

the prevalence of coronavirus in Russia since the beginning of the week does not exceed one, in Moscow this indicator does not exceed the level of 0.8 for four days, reports TASS. The national average on 21 of June it was 0.95 in the capital of 0.79.

In the suburbs, the prevalence of coronavirus recorded at the level of 0.88, in the Rostov region — 0,92, in Dagestan, Tula oblast and the Krasnoyarsk Krai — 0,94. In St. Petersburg, it was 0.95, and in the Sverdlovsk region are 0.97.

the Number recovered after infection with coronavirus for the Russians in a week for the first time exceeded the number of new cases: from 15 to 21 June, the staff reported 55 716 661 59 of infected and recovered. According oberstab, hhe number recovered had reached 58 percent of the total number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia.