Of illegally constructed in Moscow elite residential complex Loft River will be demolished in the spring

the Court decided to demolish a residential complex Loft River in the North-West of Moscow. The inspection found that the building was illegally erected in a protected natural area. Additionally, the management company filed an appeal and expects to collect with home owners money on remediation.

the Entrance “Paris”, entrance “Chicago”, then “London”. According to the advertisement creative space at the mouth of the river the city looks really like an artist’s dream. That’s just spring landscape, most likely, will be different. The date of demolition of a residential complex Loft River by the decision of Tushinsky court of Moscow to March 2020.

Most of the apartments are empty. To invest in renovation of premises for demolition, many do not dare. The lights are mostly in offices and stores. No flats here, in fact, was not to be. The developer had the permission only for the reconstruction of the old Soviet warehouses that were previously on this site.

35 million fine and the abstract amount for the elimination of violations, including the strengthening of the Foundation, is now offering to pay the owners — chipped. And then to sue the land owner – firm of “Post M”, which and started the construction. The management company Loft River has filed an appeal against the decision of the court. She hopes the money from the owners of the premises to assemble, and two of the four buildings of the complex to save. That’s just square meters of property owners say they’ve already deceived, and to chip in again, they are not ready.

In 2013, when River Loft was first built, the buyers said: “While the premises, on securities, non-residential, but promised to eventually turn the offices and apartments to apartments, filling out the appropriate documents.” 6 million for a 40 square meters in a protected area, a 15-minute drive from the Garden ring – real estate experts say, below market price was to confuse the…

to Consider the appeal the court shall, within two months. The decision on demolition has not yet formally entered into force. And in “London”, “Paris” and “new York” come more realtors with clients who are still interested in the author’s loft.