Of occupancy in Turkish hotels will now have to wait a long time

the Tourists who come to Turkey in the midscale hotel segment, will have much longer to wait for the check due to the fact that now the staff will have to manually put in the computer the passport details of guests.

it is Connected with the law on protection of personal data, according to which it is forbidden to make photocopies of passports of tourists and also request credit card numbers, biometric data, and mobile phone numbers.

He was received in Turkey after cases of fraud with personal data of people, even in 2016, but in fact was not respected.

Now the hotels for this threatened large fines.

While hotels are still required to provide the police your name, surname and passport number of your client, and you can specify the dates of his stay.

Representatives of tourist business of Turkey are against such measures because it will significantly increase the time of registration of guests – primarily in mid-level hotels.

Back in season usually at the same time bring large groups of tourists, and the reception has only one or two employees.

So wait until they will personally drive in the computer all data of tourist passport and the voucher will be long.

Not much, it will affect only guests of the hotel class “luxury” – they mostly use a personal transfer and check-in there is working lot of employees.

according to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), under this law, hotels can take the customer’s consent for personal data processing (including the removal of a photocopy of the passport), but in this case the guest will have to sign a release for the issue and listing of which will still take some time.