Off the coast of Crimea spotted a rare Dolphin-

the Scientists of the Institute of biology of southern seas named Kovalevsky Russian Academy of Sciences has discovered a rare Dolphin-albino. The bottlenose Dolphin met during marine expedition research vessel “Professor Vodyansky”.

Summer sea expedition was conducted in the waters of the Black and Azov seas. Experts Karadag scientific station continuously monitored the mammals, including using a hydrophone. During the expedition were seen two flocks of snow-white dolphins, a total of twenty species.

As noted GTRK Sevastopol, aired on the channel “Russia 1”, the bottlenose Dolphin-“Snow” is not recorded, the Black sea more than 7 years. Now scientists see it in a couple of larger dolphins, probably a mother.

the Only thing that is worrying researchers is the path of migration. It runs from tarkhankutskii Bay in the area of operation of fishing vessels, which is dangerous for the dolphins.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol