Ohlobystin explained why first, will make the fire a wife, not children

In the “Destiny of man” – Ivan Okhlobystin, which combined the seemingly incompatible spheres: the cinema and the Church.

Many fans of the actor, Director and screenwriter was stunned when he suddenly became a priest. Moreover, the way of life of Ivan before this was very far from the principles of life going man.

Ivan recalls how after fighting positions were cut in Moscow without a helmet and other protective gear. Besides at some point he began to drink a lot, and once even drove a motorcycle to the subway.

“Booze, broads, stabbing is a youth”, — says the party, adding that all this was, however, “within the boundaries of the permissible.”

And this despite the fact that at first Ivan had led a healthy lifestyle, watching him, not drinking. However, in the world of film “drink”, and in the end he could not to negotiate with anyone about joint matters. After “seven shots”, according to Ivan, was able to immediately agree on two projects.

Soon, however, it turned out that to stop is not easy. For two years he led a dissolute life, and one day realized that I need to stop.

in order to tie in with alcohol ohlobystin decided to marry. And soon in one of the fashionable clubs in the capital met with the actress Oksana Arbuzova.

They went to ride on the night Moscow, and that night will not leave. Oksana gave birth to six children, and Ivan admits that she’s his main jewel.

“Such a jewel, of which fire is necessary to make first. Even if there are children left. She give birth to the new,” — said ohlobystin and acknowledges that Oksana for him, and more “deterrent”.

Who and how convinced Ivan to become a priest? As he recalls that period of my life, and why were forced to ask the Patriarch to release him from serving in the Church? What tragedy in his life experienced actor, and what points would like to experience again? What talk about Ohlobystina and his wife Maria Golubkina and Garik Sukachev?

What was injured recently on the set of the actor? And what he says about his role in the new Comedy “Slave”?

“Destiny of the person with the YouTube Korchevnikov” – Ivan Okhlobystin.