Chancellor Olaf Scholz has ruled out a speed limit to deal with the energy and climate crisis. “This government has not agreed on that and that is why it will not happen,” said the SPD politician on Sunday in a citizen question format before the summer interview of the ARD “Report from Berlin”.

When asked about possible personal measures in the fight against climate change, the Chancellor said: “That’s a question that always makes me a little uncomfortable.” Of course, he could say that he made sure that his electricity supplier supplied him with CO2-neutral electricity . But the truth for him as chancellor is that his carbon footprint is “terrible”.

Scholz referred, among other things, to flights all over the world in government aircraft and the summit marathon of the past few days. “And I think you shouldn’t beat around the bush and pretend that you’re really someone who is very exemplary when it comes to CO2 emissions.”

Corona was then the topic of the ARD summer interview. Scholz does not expect corona measures to be as drastic as in the last two years for the coming autumn and winter. “There shouldn’t be any more school closures, and I don’t think we need a lockdown like we’ve had in recent years.” The situation is now “completely different,” said Scholz, referring to a vaccination rate of 76 percent (basic immunization) in Germany.

However, the Chancellor can imagine that compulsory tests and masks will play a greater role in the fight against Corona again in autumn and winter. “There has to be a discussion about whether the tests will be used again,” he said. And he said about the mask requirement: “I think that one has to assume that the mask will play a bigger role in autumn and winter than it does now.”