Oleg Matytsin plans to meet with representatives of WADA and RUSADA

the New Minister of sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin said that soon going to meet with representatives of WADA and RUSADA. Also the head of the Ministry of sport outlined the main tasks of the Department.

“the Main task of the Ministry of sport, the implementation of the national programs of sports development and the implementation of the message of the President of the Russian Federation. As well as providing maximum protection of the interests of our athletes in various aspects of their activities,” — said Oleg Matytsin Cempionatam.

“We need to coordinate their activities. The President and the Prime Minister today reiterated that the Ministry of sports should be the coordinator of all activities that somehow relate to sports. After consultations, of course, meet. I’m always open to dialogue, especially that I have international experience of cooperation with WADA and with the IOC and international federations,” — said Oleg Matytsin.