Omsk doctors of the day refused to bandaging a man with a rotting leg

In Omsk inspectors to check the information about the failure to assist a severely ill patient at a local hospital. A blatant case in the media told the son of an elderly man.

the Pensioner was treated at the city hospital number 11. “My father called and asked me to take him home because at the hospital he does not want”, — said the resident of Omsk newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to him, doctors about the day completely ignored the requests men make the dressing of the wound on the leg, although the patient this procedure is needed twice a day. In the end, the wound fester, and the skin on my leg turned blue, and then retired and called for help son.

However, came to the hospital man and managed to force doctors to perform their duties. In conversation, the doctors cited the lack of dressings the patient, that nurses were “learning by another thing”. In the end, omich I had to make my own twist ties to his father.

the Heads of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has charged to check these facts. The results will be made a procedural decision, reported in a press-service of SU TFR in the Omsk region.

the Ministry of health, commenting on the situation, noted that the doctor on duty the hospital is required to do the dressing, if necessary. They have promised to conduct official investigation in case of violations, to bring perpetrators to justice.