Omsk oblast covered the third wave of floods

In the Northern districts of Omsk region recorded the maximum rise of the Irtysh. In the waters of the river in the city remain flooded Islands and beaches. It is reported by the GTRK “Irtysh”, citing data from the hydrological services. Which means the arrival of big water to the ecology of the river and what to prepare for?

On the beach in the Central district of Omsk raised the black flag. On the banks of the garbage lying around. A couple of days ago there was still standing water. Officially, the area is closed, however, that citizens does not stop. People are tired of the isolation, so the hawks alone and the kids are rushing towards the cool water.

Note that the water level in the Irtysh river within the boundaries of the region is regulated by the neighbors. How big of a flood discharge depends on the Bukhtarma and Shulbinskaya in the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the interstate agreement. However, it sets the minimum value was reset.

Due to heat waves in may, the Omsk has avoided large-scale flooding. But several Islands in the waters of the Irtysh river remain flooded. And free sites the spit was occupied by sunbathers and fishermen. But soon tourists will have more places. Work has already begun for the team of divers. In the coming time, the beaches prepare for opening.

Now Irtysh almost out of the banks, but ecologists predict that by the end of the months the water level will drop significantly. And by September the shallows on the river may be a common phenomenon.

Text: GTRK “Irtysh”