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On alert atonement for the first regiment with hypersonic complex “vanguard”

On alert atonement for the first regiment with hypersonic complex "vanguard"

the First regiment with the missile complex “Avangard” atonement for combat duty. About it Sergey Shoigu reported to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Later, on a conference call, the head of the Russian defense Ministry called the event significant for the whole country. I can “vanguard”?

crews missile “avant-garde” was replaced on combat duty. The Minister of defense reported to the President. These are the complex, which Vladimir Putin back in 2005, said of no one in the world.

Indeed, “avant-garde” unique — its missiles moving at hypersonic speeds, almost invulnerable to any known air defense systems, can change direction and height. Now this newest model of military equipment is in service of our country. Beginning of combat duty was confirmed on the final conference call in the Center of the management of the defense.

At that meeting, the military summed up the whole year. Lots of news. At Plesetsk completed the third launch complex, the sailors received a new submarine, the military space forces — planes, and the Kapustin Yar — s-350. The defense Minister stressed that the share of new and upgraded equipment in the army has increased to nearly 70 percent. A video reported all kinds of troops and military districts. Even the remote island of Kotelny.

As the military will to celebrate the New year, the Minister was interested in separately. Lee handed out the gifts? Assess whether care of the family, where the parents are on duty during the holidays? But the most important is instructed to hold anti-terrorist training, that one did not lose vigilance. The fight against the militants, Russia continues to lead is at the meeting also emphasized. To Tajikistan to protect its border with Afghanistan, where based now ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia) and not only delivered the s-300. And from Syria good news — there were restoredKeturah and overall better civilian life.

“the Key event of the year was to assist the government of Syria to establish control over the territory in Seurata, including the closure of areas of the operation, “the Source of peace”, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol, including with the involvement of military police units as well as successful solution of tasks of both air and ground patrols,” — said the commander of group of troops of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria Alexander chaiko.

Positive changes in the Russian military. 7,000 families received their own homes, and 33,000 more service. Military wife get a job close to the parts of the spouses and children of places in kindergartens and schools.

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