On American Airlines sued for racial discrimination

a class-action lawsuit were filed by passengers against American Airlines for racial discrimination, reports NBC News. The lawsuit was prepared after African-American Elgin banks was removed from the flight. He claims that he was not allowed to change the place more comfortable. While white passengers is permitted. After the call to the stewardess banks “got aggressive and insulting response,” and was later removed from the flight by security personnel.

According to the channel, the incident occurred may 31 on a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix. Passengers who have stood up to banks, also asked to leave the Board.

the airline, in turn, said that banks are not just asked to change the place and demanded to replace it in business class. He said that under the current rules this is not possible and asked to remain at the location specified in the boarding pass.

American Airlines began an internal investigation of the incident. The airline claim that is against discrimination, but does not agree with the interpretation of the events described in the statement of claim.