On Board to get sick is very difficult: the head of

Tickets are significantly cheaper, and why the Russians would be more likely, including abroad. About the new exit strategy from the aviation industry crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin on 6 July reported to the head of the Aeroflot group, which accounted for over 40 percent of passenger traffic in Russia, Vitaly Saveliev. While most liners are glued to the ground from low demand. However, as the lifting of restrictions planes are filled, and by December domestic traffic can reach the level of last year.

the Pandemic has resulted in large-scale crisis for all the world’s airlines. How to keep the impact of the Russian airlines the President discusses with the head of “Aeroflot”.

“Planes are mostly laid up, the crews also on the ground, not fly. It is unclear that will make our partners in many countries, including in Europe, yet they can not understand. And it is not clear when they will open their borders and territory to third country nationals, including Russian citizens, even in the summer holidays, – said Putin. In this regard, of course, very important are your grades in what is now the state of the industry and how you see a way out of this situation.”

“In April, shipments fell by 95 percent seat occupancy was only 33 percent. It was absolutely a serious condition, – said Saveliev. – It is very small if we compare with the 2019 year: we usually per day transported 110-120 thousand people. We expect to be able to recover 50 percent, or about 30 million passengers we will carry this year”.

the Group of “Aeroflot” – in the twenty of the world’s giants. Last year the company transported more than 60 million people. The growth rate of 9 percent. To achieve such figures allows an impressive Park – 359 ships, including one of the most modern – And-350. The latest technology – even in small things.

By March, if all goes right, “Aeroflot” expects to reach last year’s indicators in the international market. How quickly you will recover the transportation in the country depends on the epidemiological situation in the regions.

“Many people refuse to fly because in those cities where they are going to fly, measures are being taken to quarantine scare people,” – said Saveliev.

“They will decide on the lifting of these restrictions. But not due to the fact that the aviation industry, rather, the aviation industry hard, but because the situation is changing for the better. They are interested in the download, hotels, – Putin said. – It’s all clear. Almost all the leaders, governors tell me all about your plans a gradual, phased removal of the restrictions”.

in addition, many areas that were previously considered unpromising now in demand as never before. Airline “Russia”, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, began to fly from the Far East in Sochi.

Previously, the residents of Vladivostok were reached mainly through Moscow. Now you can get direct. Journey time – 9 hours, flights to the Black sea twice a week, and from July 11 on a direct flight you can fly into Crimea.

But the main thing – security and health requirements.

“what about the chairs, Vitaly? As Seating arrangements?” – said Putin Saveliev.

“On all aircraft, especially a new one, installed filters, HEPA class, which give deep cleaning to the level 99-97 percent – about the level of operating. The air every three to five minutes – said Savelyev. – That is formally on Board to get sick is very difficult. Flight attendants on Board practically was not ill, we have a small percentage only. This is a global practice. So we agreed that the Board will mask will gloves”.

"And the pilots, too?” – asked the President.

“Yes, – said the head of “Aeroflot. – But Seating will not be chess, be normal Seating, or simply not take off, the economy will not work will work against us.”

Before each flight – disinfection of the salon and change disposable napkins on the headrests are mandatory now. Adapt and airports: the staff in masks, sanitizer everywhere, at the entrance all measured the temperature. Even baggage can be pre-sanitized.

Actively developed and loukoster “Victory”, growing under the wing of Aeroflot. In five years, the company transported more than 30 million people. For many the opportunity to fly inexpensively. In addition, Aeroflot continues to operate on flat rates to the far East to Simferopol and Kaliningrad. At the same time the company buys Russian equipment. This year, the Navy needs to fill up 8 new “Superjet”, the next 14. Eventually there will be one hundred and fifty. Besides, “Aeroflot” is the main domestic customer of the MS-21 airliner, which is currently being tested. Already signed a firm contract to supply 50 of these aircraft.