On channels of St. Petersburg swam more than a thousand pleasure boats

Petersburg Parks again open to visitors, and on rivers and canals returned to pleasure boats. This became possible after the easing of restrictions on COVID-19. To routes there were over a thousand boats.

However, not all parks are open. For example, the Central Park of culture is not yet ready to receive visitors. But there is a time to debug the mechanisms of seasonal attractions. And pleasure boat pleasure ride on the canals and rivers, the truth is in the number of applicants mainly St. Petersburg. Tourists from the regions and abroad check-in is not yet open.

according to GTRK “Saint Petersburg”, aired on the channel “Russia 1”, the transport Committee recommends that water transport by half, in order not to violate the recommended distance.

in addition, today opens for visitors in Leningrad zoo. As the caretakers of the zoo, denizens of the menagerie already rehearsing the most spectacular stunts, and someone does the first time you see the person. Entry restrictions lifted on site, still there will be certain rules: for example, located inside the zoo can only in masks and gloves. Always keep your distance in half-meter. Just Park at the same time can not is more than 3 thousand people. Demonstration of feeding and walking with animals is not yet possible, but will start to work cafe.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”