“That’s everything I love about literature. It’s a breath of romance, it’s another era. It’s simple writing, but very elegant. It’s another country, too, over several decades, in Italy; we follow almost the entire 20th century. And the last pages, when there is the explanation of all this mystery around the statue, I found it incredible. There is truly genius in this novel. It’s really a crush and it’s one of the most beautiful encounters I’ve had [in France, last fall, on tour]. »

“I’m really at the very beginning. Catherine Leroux is my editor and there too, it’s one of the most beautiful meetings I’ve had. When we started working together, I knew she had written books, so I rushed to read one. It was The Future and I really liked it. And there, she has just released People of Glass. In the first pages that I was able to read, I found Catherine’s incredible intelligence at the service of a very contemporary theme, because she talks about renovictions and a whole bunch of subjects which are quite current. »

“It was an absolute favorite, an electric shock from the first page to the last. It’s one of the novels that touched me the most – on a theme about which I didn’t know much, in fact, transidentity. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into; Autofiction is not really my favorite literary genre. And there, I was blown away by the life of this girl who discovered herself as a girl after those around her, because a good part of those around her – her grandmother for example – seemed to have understood who she was before her. And it is written with a pen of incredible simplicity, delicacy, sensitivity. »