On June 1, in Moscow, opened stores, shops, showrooms and hypermarkets

Starting next week in Moscow will open the food stores. Are they ready to meet customers?

From 1 June in Moscow will revive trade: according to the plan of the Moscow authorities in the capital begins the second phase of easing restrictions. About 50 thousand enterprises of retail trade and more than 9 thousand organizations of consumer services will begin work on the first day of summer.

Opens stores, shops, showrooms, hypermarkets, as well as collection points for dry cleaning and Laundry, repair of clothes and shoes — everything that does not imply a long-term contact and communication. Will hire and bike. But after a few days — on Friday, June 5 — the work will come back fair weekend. Just 82.

According to estimates by the Moscow government, in addition to their jobs out of about 200 thousand people. And how to increase turnover in the city, would be to say at the end of next week. But most enterprises already have shifted to a new model of work, and the figures are growing.

Recovery activities is important not only for non-food retailers, but for suppliers who have stores to purchase products. This will allow them to establish production processes. According to the Association of retailers loss of market in Moscow only at the outlets can be estimated at 4 billion rubles. And given the vendor much more.

All this time the lack of profits the owners had to count on the support of the state for interest-free loans to pay salaries, postponement of taxes and lease payments, vacation credit, lower premiums. In Moscow was introduced three packages of measures to support the business. Total aid amounted to 85 billion rubles. She is already used by more than 34 thousand organizations.

Additionally adopted the fourth package, which deals with investment companies and industrial enterprises. In particular, they will be able to receive tax benefits on profitseh. The representatives of the trade have their input on possible support measures. “We would like to see assistance from the state in the form of a dialogue with landlords, which they are not ready, — said Sergey Belyakov, Chairman of the Presidium of the retail companies Association (ACORT). Or significantly reduce the lease payments until there is no funding source, or to link rent with the proceeds, which is being formed now, then it is economically reasonable”.

of Course, the launch of trade will be accompanied by enhanced security measures: they have not been canceled. Must be respected the distance, the buyers, the staff will use mask and gloves. Despite the costs, companies are ready.

the Primary objective of retail trade is to increase demand. Recovery will largely depend on the flow of people and amounts of their purchases. According to the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov, from mid-may economic activity has almost reached 80 percent, including by regions. And after the return of the Moscow retail trade sector, the trend should become even more positive.