On Sakhalin reburied the remains of Soviet soldiers

On Sakhalin island in the village of Pobedino reburied the remains of Soviet soldiers. Searchers have found them in the forest. To honor the memory of fallen soldiers came dozens of concerned residents.

June 22. On this day at the memorial in the village of Pobedino crowded. The islanders came from different localities to honor the memory of two soldiers and bring their remains to the earth.

“the Last man we found a month ago. Walked down the valley, near a brook tinkled helmet, then the flask. Started digging — had our fighter”, — says Sergey Radchenko, participant of the Sakhalin regional branch of “Search movement of Russia”.

Along with the remains of the searchers found a spare barrel for the machine gun and plenty of ammo. The flask scratched initials — NVC. Painstaking work led experts to the solution. Found fighter is one of the 11 gunners killed in the battle.

“it was Nikolai Vasilyevich Chernyshov born in 1917, the Deputy commander of the office of one of the mouth. Born in Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk region. Relatives yet can not find” — says Artem bandura, head of the Sakhalin branch of “Search movement of Russia”.

Full name second soldier by the name of Sten until the install failed. On the heels of his boots and razor, were found with remains of engraved initials. Them and mark on a commemorative plate.

“We must defend historic truth and preserve the Victory. To preserve the memory for future generations,” — said the participant of the great Patriotic war Anatoly Minyaev.

the importance of the event was stressed by the head of the region Valery Limarenko: “it is Very important that search engines are now working hard to find each fighter and to bury their remains with military honours”.

the Fighters managed to find thanks to a well planned route and modern technology. Sifting every handful of soil, searchers plan to work up until the last soldier is buried.

the remains of the soldiers on Sakhalin find every year. Island search engines out in the expedition from may to November. Over the years of hard work they found and buried over 150 soldiers.