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On someone earning artists of Arbat. A ranking of the world stars

On someone earning artists of Arbat. A ranking of the world stars

List the most grain characters which make street artists in the Moscow Arbat, first made by the TV channel “cinema”. A rating of the best portraits of lures for artists was headed by Audrey Hepburn. Her portrait often encountered during the pedestrian street from Arbatskaya square to Smolenskaya underground.

Movies with Audrey know everything. This “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “to Steal a million”. A total of seven points.

five points scored from two actors. Second and third place ranking was shared by Tom cruise and Arnold Swarzenegger. 31 October in the Russian rolling out the film “the Terminator: the Dark fate.” This is the sixth part of the cult franchise, a role which became famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. And autumn Schwarzenegger, or rather, his portrait, on the Arbat began to fall more often.

Angelina Jolie was left for the podium. The fourth place. In 2019, the actress zritelei seen in “Maleficent: the mistress of the dark”. Her previous film “côte d’azur” came out already in 2015.

the Only Russian in the top five was Ivan Urgant. The proximity to the New year determined its position in the ranking. It is the face of the franchise “Christmas Tree”.

the reason for the relatively low popularity of the Russian actors explained the artist Nicholas. Arbatskaya his colleagues rely on foreign artists in order to attract visitors.

Despite the blockbuster Alexander Petrov, Danila Kozlovsky, during the observations on the Arbat was not exposed to any of portrait. Although in 2018 the movies with their participation gathered 37% of the Russian cinema Fund – 5 billion rubles. If the relationship between Ministers and portraits really is, after the Prime Minister filmov “Invasion” and “Ice” worth waiting for the appearance on the Arbat portraits Petrov.

the Dynamics of the appearances of the portraits of lures allows you to define the response of artists to a single event — premieres, scandals, investigations.

“We want to make The index of the Arbat year-round tool for observing the so-called long popularity trends,” promises to present the following ranking of Arbat in the early spring of 2020, the editor-in-chief of TV channel “cinema” Ivan Kudryavtsev.

Only the channel “cinema” recorded the portraits of 95 people. In second place for the actors by the number of images — musicians, and the third — world celebrities from different fields: for example, scientist albert Einstein, writer Stephen king and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.