On the border of India and China have killed dozens of soldiers

at least twenty Indian soldiers were killed in clashes with Chinese troops. The incident occurred in the river valley Galvan is the Eastern part of Union territory of Ladakh. The Chinese side, in turn, according to local media, lost in killed and seriously wounded 43 people.

the Collision occurred on Monday evening, June 15. Initially, the representative of land forces of India stated that three of the dead from their side. While firearms were not used. The military used sticks and stones, reports TASS.

the Situation in close proximity to Ladakh has intensified in early may after one of the sections of the border have been several melee fights. They were attended by about 250 Indian and Chinese soldiers. More than 100 were injured.

From India said that China interferes with the normal patrolling along the line of actual control in Ladakh and Sikkim. Beijing, in turn, explains the tension with the invasion of Indian troops into their territory. India and China are making efforts to achieve peace and tranquility in the border areas.