On the Chigirinsky reservoir saved the fallen from the watercraft of the Amur region

On the Chigirinsky reservoir was rescued from the overturned watercraft inhabitants of the Amur region. While riding the girl and the young man fell into the water. Rushed to the aid of their comrade, but in the end he began to sink. The incident occurred around 22 p.m., reports GTRK “Amur”.

Eyewitnesses called rescuers. Remaining in the water the young men held on to the vehicle. First and foremost helped the girl because she felt bad. Her friend made it to shore on a lifebuoy. By the time the victims were waiting paramedics.

“wore a Wetsuit in the car, on the go, as soon as arrived to the reservoir, I immediately went to the scene of the accident. Victims find it difficult to notice, because it was already dark. Swam almost blindly at the voices that was coming from the middle of the reservoir about 300 meters from the shore,” — said the lifeguard regional PSO Pavel Ryzhko.

Text: GTRK “Amur”