On the eve of the medical worker's Day Altai Krai will receive mobile FAPs

on the Eve of the day of medical workers for seven district hospitals of Altai Krai will get mobile. Medical facilities on wheels supposed to deliver today.

FAPs made specifically for the Siberian climate, equipped with a special system of ventilation and heating. Inside all the necessary and modern medical equipment, including ECG, biochemical analyzer, blood pressure monitor, and more.

As reported by the GTRK “Altai”, the first mobile FAP today waiting in the Slavgorod district. Local hospital serves 40 thousand of the population, many go for a hundred kilometers.

the Chief doctor of the Slavgorod CRB Dmitry Grigorovich said: “we Have an extensive network of villages, they are located far from each other and from the CRH. Mobile FAP will be indispensable. I, such systems have seen only on TV, it is fully staffed. This will allow you to help people in remote villages of Slavgorod”.

Note, in addition to Slavgorod district medical complexes will go to the hospital Kulundinskoe, Zmeinogorsky, the Annunciation, the Altai, Charyshsky and Pospelikhinskaya areas. Until the end of the summer season, eight more districts of the region will receive the mobile FAPs.

Text: GTRK “Altai”