Is this an Asian grocery store? Convenience store ? A counter where you can grab a quick ramen soup, smoothie or bánh mì sandwich? Fullsun is yes to all these questions. There is even a nice selection of Hoya plants for sale.

Simon Nguyen, who worked in the restaurant business, wanted to open a hangout where people can make their own soup for a few dollars. “Now it’s hard to have lunch for less than 20 dollars. It’s not easy for a student,” he rightly points out.

Simon Nguyen and his wife Kim converted a former hair salon on Montcalm Street in the Village into a large, bright space. The counter that runs along the bay window allows you to eat on site. For the soup, you choose from the selection of some 70 preparations in sachets, you ask for the extras of your choice, then a boiling water dispenser and a small oven allow it to be ready in less than five minutes. “It’s a popular concept in Asia, but you don’t find it here. »

Since its opening last December, Fullsun has attracted many students, local workers and tourists. Videos viewed thousands of times on social media have helped matters, but rest assured that Fullsun is worth the detour and a first visit is certainly not the last.