On the red square took place the General rehearsal of the Victory Parade

In the center of Moscow held a dress rehearsal of the parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Victory in the great Patriotic war. On red square were more than 14 thousand troops and 200 pieces of equipment, and in the sky they flew over 75 aircraft.

In the training were involved in the Hiking ceremonial calculations, the mechanized column parade and aircraft, reported the Department of information and mass communications of the Russian defense Ministry.

In the from column on red square marched more than 40 parade of the officers, sergeants and soldiers of military units and formations of the Armed forces, students and cadets of military academies, cadets of the Nakhimov and cadets, yunarmeytsev and the military and other law enforcement agencies.

the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 taken increased security measures, reported from the scene correspondent channel “Russia 24”. The participants of the rehearsal practicing with masks and gloves. The Red square mostly allowed those who have immunity to the new coronavirus, and also people without signs of infection.

Military doctors constantly monitor the state of the rehearsals, held daily tests for coronavirus. Military troops NBC regularly disinfected all affected sites and equipment.

this year in training and in the parade involved 234 units of military equipment, TASS reports. Together with the already known units in the rehearsal involved more than 20 military hardware that the anniversary parade demonstrates for the first time.

In particular, on red square were held globalmediaservey tanks are T-90M and T-80БВМ, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 fighting compartment “Berezhok”, BMP “kurganets-25” with a 57-millimeter combat unit, infantry combat vehicles “Armata” combat module “Dagger”, anti-aircraft artillery systems “Derivation-defense” anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M3” anti-aircraft missile system s-350 “Inetazi” and s-300V4 modernized air defense missile-gun complexes “Pantsir-С1М”.

the aircraft flew over red square composed of 16 groups, ranging from helicopters of army aviation. Completed the aerial part of a group of six su-25, coloring the sky in colors of national flag of Russia.