On the Russian

In North America on 25 January, to be released in the film “Serf”, a Russian film Director Klim shypenko, filmed with the participation of TV channel “Russia 1”.

the Excitement of the spectators was very high, so film distributors urgently introduce additional sessions, reports TASS.

Director of business development KinoFilm Corp (group of companies “Kinosfera”), representative of distributors Alexander Belyakov reported that the film will go to 37 cinemas across the U.S. and Canada (28 cities), from 25 January to 2 February.

According to the entrepreneur, due to the rapid disappearance from the sale of tickets for more sessions and new facilities are introduced in new York, Philadelphia and Toronto.

“the Demand from the American public was even higher than expected. Word of mouth works so well that the audience are asked to show the film in their town or area, which greatly simplifies our work to promote the film in the market.”

it is Expected that the “Slave” will break the attendance records of the halls in the history of screenings of Russian films in North America.

the Following Ministers of the Russian film distribution in North America will “Invasion” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, “(Not)the perfect man” by Marius Weisberg and “Ice 2” ┼╗ory Gooseberry family.

the Foreign box office film “the Slave” has already exceeded $ 1 million. Just watched the movie almost 10 million viewers.