One of the oldest cities in Siberia claim to the honorary title

on 1 July, when Russia will vote for the amendments to the Constitution, citizens have to make another important choice. The decision on conferring the honorary title of “City of labor valor”. Every day we talk about the cities of the applicant. These industrial centers during the great Patriotic war provided the front equipment, ammunition and food. Today on the heroism of one of the oldest cities of Siberia. As the Tomsk became a center for the training of scientists?

Alloy scientific and industrial feat is the Tomsk during the war. One of the oldest cities of Siberia, in 1941 is a small regional center in Novosibirsk region. But in 1944 the administrative center of Tomsk region. For four years he became the city hospital, where he treated more than 100 thousand wounded soldiers;-town factory, where day and night were produced are needed for the front tank, airplane, ship motors, mortars, mines, mine detectors, starters, manometry, lighting equipment. And crackers special, canned foods, casein, a blend of “Molotov cocktails”, underwear for men, mittens, boots. Most of the enterprises established in 1941.

for Example, the plant “Manotom”. Created on the basis of equipment evacuated enterprises from Leningrad and Moscow, he promptly started producing tachometers for tanks, planes, torpedo boats. Now it is a high-tech enterprise, however, is remembering its history. In their Museum the main hall of war.

“the Plant is successful today is absolutely. Most importantly, the factory has kept the tradition is manometrically products. We have mastered many new products, but the basis remains — a tradition that began in 1941. This manometry”, — says Deputy General Director for production of JSC “Manotom” Andrey hospitality, love.

However, the main, as we would say today, “chip” Tomsk hundredthe science and education — training and scientific and technical support of the army and the defence industry.

“It is the specificity of Tomsk, this know-how. What we’re talking about industrial production, it was throughout the country. But we still have the contribution of our universities. They also rebuilt on a war footing, starting with reducing the time of training students to the many military projects that really helped the front,” — says head of Department of use and publication of documents of the state archive of the Tomsk region Olga Khmelnitsky.

More than 30 scientists from Tomsk was awarded the order. 14 professors awarded the Stalin prize. Professor Chinakal have developed a revolutionary new system of coal mining. Professor Kulev — methods for the identification of chemical warfare agents. Professor Savin — effective methods of surgical treatment of gunshot wounds of the abdomen. Scientist Radugin found strategic deposits of manganese in the Kuzbass. Professor Tokin opened the volatile antiseptic of plant origin. Professor Reverdatto, Vershinin and Yablokov has introduced dozens of new medications.

the Research staff of Tomsk universities and research institutes was performed more than a thousand of the most important for the scope of work. And now Tomsk is one of the main towns of the country.