One of the organizers of the murder of Starovoitova refused PAROLE

In Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg received a petition informed the convict about the murder in 1998 of politician Galina Starovoitova’s former Duma Deputy Mikhail Glushchenko on the refusal of parole (PAROLE). This was reported by the press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

Earlier it was reported that in late may it filed a petition for PAROLE. A new application Glushchenko, as reported in a press-service, will be considered at the hearing at which the convicted person will attend via video conferencing, reports RIA Novosti.

the audience at the meeting will not be admitted, since the courts of St. Petersburg because of the danger of the spread of coronavirus infection while working in restricted mode.

Galina Starovoitova was murdered in the apartment building on the Griboyedov canal embankment in St. Petersburg on the night of November 21, 1998.

In the criminal case in the summer of 2005 for terms ranging from 11 years to 23.5 years, the court sentenced three people, including one of the organizers and the actual perpetrator of the crime.

Glushchenko was charged under articles of the criminal code on the organization of crime and the encroachment on life state or the public figure.

Despite the fact that he signed a plea deal by testifying against the leader of Tambov criminal group Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin), in the summer of 2015 Glushchenko was sentenced for the murder of policy to 17 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.