Opens Moscow: Sergei Sobyanin advised to Muscovites not to forget about security

three thousand hospital beds will be withdrawn from the reserve, which was created for patients with coronavirus COVID-19, given to patients. It is part of the phased measures for the withdrawal of Moscow from the mode of increased readiness. The Russian capital is returning to its usual rhythm of life, will there be a place for udalenka? This and other questions Marina Gromova asked the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin.

– Sergey Semenovich, Hello! This week in Moscow has opened summer terraces of restaurants and cafes. How fast they recover this business, a lot of verandas visitors after the isolation?

In Moscow, after the lifting of restrictions opened about 700 patios.

– to be honest, I thought that this process will last at least a month, — says Sergey Sobyanin. — People should still be afraid of a situation she is still relatively disturbing. And we understand that the virus is still functioning in Moscow. But what is happening, this is significantly above all expectations restaurateurs who thought that now appears, some losses will, no one will come. In fact, everything happened exactly the opposite. We have especially in the summer verandas are booked a month or more ahead, all the tables. By the visitors too, of course, need to pay attention to security measures.

the Pandemic has changed the lives of the whole world. In particular, millions of people worked from home. This format was very convenient to the same employers, because they do not need to rent offices. How do you feel about working on remote, and is it possible that this format will catch on in some areas?

To work in the office back 15% of employees, 47% still work remotely. About 20% did not change the mode because of the pandemic.

– I Think that especially now, when we come out of this Coveney history, if possible in the office to keep udalenku — must save in the coming weeks, maybe even a month or two still further. Because there is still a risk of infection — aboutmeets the most modern Metropolitan mayor. And the less people sit in the office, the better. The deputies considered the changes to employment law, which also prescribes the process or technology work on udalenke, the rights of employers.

– How is it now in Moscow is the situation with coronavirus, not deteriorated it in connection with the removal of several constraints?

In the Russian capital from emergency mode brought another 3,000 beds for the provision of routine medical care.

– a set of concerns I myself have experienced and is experiencing, what can this be, says the mayor. The number of movement in the city increased significantly, and today went out planochki approximately 70% of Datavideo period, call it so. We see that we have traffic on the roads appeared a large number of people in the subway. It is important to maintain a mask mode in the subway, in public transportation, commuter trains and buses. Reduced the number of loaded beds. Every week we print thousands of beds from the market, redesigned them back in planned care, clean, wash, cook to a normal life. This week a decision will be made on the transfer in the normal work of three thousand beds, because they are half-empty.