Ophthalmologist told about the dangers of coronavirus for vision

it is Known that the coronavirus there are several symptoms. The worst thing he can do is to hit the lungs to make breathing person. Also the disease can cause loss of sense of taste, smell, and viral conjunctivitis. Can the manifestation of coronavirus in the eyes to cause vision loss or this aspect when COVID-19 does not suffer? This was told by the ophthalmologist, host of “About the main thing” on TV channel “Russia 1” Dmitry Dementyev.

Coronavirus can be transmitted through the eye is a fact. For example, a person touched them by hand, and earlier palm touched the handrail in the subway, which survived infection. Once in the conjunctiva, COVID-19 immediately begins its destructive effect, and using a small DAB to the eye of man can get, said Dmitry Dementyev.

Conjunctivitis associated with disease, is one of the symptoms COVID-19, but it can lead to further development of infection in the eye, go to the cornea. Comorbidities under adverse conditions can cause keratitis, blepharitis and so on. Ophthalmologist drew attention to positive news to lose sight of the coronavirus impossible.

Dementyev said that most cases of comignago conjunctivitis occurs in the United States. Doctors call this phenomenon “glowing beauty from within.”

Earlier, head of the ophthalmology clinic of the Pirogov center, Professor Rinat Faizrakhmanov said that at the time of a pandemic, avoid wearing contact lenses, because they increase the risk of infection by coronavirus.