Oreshkin told about the attitude of international business toward change in Russia

international business looks at changes in the Russian government with optimism, told channel Rossiya 24 in an interview with the appointed assistant to the President Maxim Oreshkin. The mood of Western business is positive they are willing to invest and develop new projects in Russia. These findings Oreshkin has made the world economic forum in Davos.

Maxim Oreshkin reminded that the ranking of the business climate, Doing Business, Russia ranks 28th and continues to move forward. Changes in industry regulation, regulatory guillotine and removing the existing barriers in the economy and other initiatives that are implemented over the next two years, will make the business environment better in Russia, said the former head of Ministry of economic development.

According to the new adviser of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s priority remains multilateral formats global trade relations, cooperation in the WTO. Maxim Oreshkin called the agreement reached with trump and took XI’s trade agreement the US and China, a time bomb planted under international trade. But it gives a short truce for the year 2020, said the economist. But from 2021 the number of disputes in the triangle USA-China-EU relations will increase, predicts the assistant to the President of Russia.

“I don’t think that bilateralism is the new future for world trade policy. We in Russia are exactly remain full of supporters of the multilateral formats, the WTO, — said Maxim Oreshkin. — I must say a very simple thing: they like the two don’t necessarily like the third and the rest.”

At the Davos forum theme of climate was identified as the main risk to the global economy. For discussion in Davos with a speech he was invited ecoactivity Greta Thunberg. Maxim Oreshkin said that the EU by 2050 has set ambitious goals: to move to a neutral impact on the climate and zero carbon emissions. These are ambitious goals and their achievementsI, says the assistant to the head of the Russian state, will change the largest market for oil and gas supplies from Russia. Oreshkin calls to analyze, to prepare the Russian economy to the changes that will occur over decades.

the originator of the predictions that sometimes come true. He described the new Putin aide Maxim Oreshkin of RIA Novosti. At a time when the part headed Ministry of economic development, Russian GDP, albeit slowly, but constantly growing. In 2016, the growth was 0.3%, in 2017 — 1.8%, and in 2018 to 2.5%. By the end of 2019, growth is expected to 1.3%. While inflation in Russia in 2017 has slowed to a historic low of 2.5%.

True, not all of his prediction: in 2016 Oreshkin warned about the imminent collapse of the US market, hard landing of the Chinese economy and long-term adaptation to the new reality of the countries-exporters of oil. But Maxim Oreshkin was right, urging Russians to abandon the dollar and promising stability of the national currency. New Putin aide was among the initiators of the idea of the VAT increase. So, the Ministry planned to ease the tax burden on employers, transferring it on consumer goods and services.

the Status of “favorite Putin” did not help Oreshkin avoid harsh criticism: in the spring of 2019, the speaker of the Duma Vyacheslav Volodin reprimanded the Minister for the preparation of the report before deputies.