Orlovets staged a massacre of relatives in two villages slaughtering of his father and brother-in-law

a Resident of the Oryol region in the course of a drunken voyage through the relatives of the murdered sister’s husband and his own father and wounded mother. An elderly woman was able to get to the neighbors and call the police. Investigation at the scene captured on video.

Family drama played out on Saturday, January 18, in Verhovskom area. Convicted 33-year-old man was half drunk and went to visit relatives in the village of Ilyinka. He stayed there for long, as confronted 54-year-old husband sister and repeatedly stabbed his opponent. From the received traumas brother-in-law died on the spot while his killer was followed to the village of Kon’shino, where his parents live.

the new place is also not without conflict, and again in the course went the knife: 75-year-old father, he literally slashed, leaving that no chance to survive. The mother of the attacker is also not spared, but the 62-year-old woman managed to get out of the house and walk to neighbors ‘ houses. Arriving medics took her to the hospital, currently the life of the victim threatens nothing.

the Alleged perpetrator was detained in hot pursuit. For the assassination and the killing of the two years he faces up to 20 years in prison.