Ottawa requires Washington to explain the murder Soleimani

Canada require the US explanations about the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani. American authorities have yet to give a clear answer — but Washington has imposed new sanctions against Tehran. Under the restrictions were even published in the social networks.

Why was a punitive operation USA in the area of the Baghdad airport? This question is raised by the government of Canada. They demand that Washington details explained, and note that Ottawa had advance warning about the strikes.

on the night of January 3 in the course of the operation in Iraq killed Iranian commander Soleimani. In response to his murder Iran hit US military bases in Iraq and these bases were including canadian soldiers that could be hurt. But while the administration trump couldn’t prove even to Congress that the attack was justified. Could not give a clear answer himself Donald trump to Fox News.

– Unless the American people do not have the right to know what exactly was covered?
– I don’t think so, but we can tell you that probably was going to attack the American Embassy in Baghdad.
– They were planning large-scale attacks on other embassies? And if this was all planned, why can’t we tell the Americans? Doesn’t it help your business?
I can say that, in my opinion, had planned to attack four of the Embassy.

Meanwhile, the American press reported that on the same day the United States was trying to eliminate another Iranian commander — in Yemen. Supposedly the operation failed, but the fact suggests that the White house planned to further provoke Tehran.

what is the need for strikes and is not justified, did not prevent the States to tighten economic sanctions against Iran. In fact, even the social network: “Facebook” and “Instagram” have started to delete the record in support of the slain Iranian General Soleimani.

“Facebook” and “Instagram” delete account individuals withorganizations of Iran, under sanctions of the United States. A similar fate befalls the record, the authors praise the defendants in the black list US or call to ensure the continuity of their actions” — quotes CNN the statement of the representative of Facebook.

amid a sharp escalation between the US and Iran, American police have become much more closely monitor foreign nationals. So, in Florida, not far from the residence of Donald trump arrested the Iranian.

During the search he found a machete, an axe, a passport in the name Masud Soleha and a large sum of cash — more than 20 thousand dollars. The reason for the detention was anonymous phone call to the police. Now Iranians will be judged.

And hundreds of Americans, meanwhile, are pitted against trump. In particular, in new York, Washington, San Francisco and Chicago, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets with placards in their hands. They urge to stop any action against Iran, saying that the biggest threat to the USA is their President Donald trump.

by the Way, the data of the latest opinion polls disappointing for trump. More than 50 percent of respondents believe that after the killing of Iranian commander Soleimani in the United States was not so secure.