the U.S. Senate decided on the impeachment Trump. There is an official request made by the House of representatives. Because of the Republican majority in the Senate initiative looks to the entrance — only exacerbates the bitterness in society.

Yes, according to surveys of the center for Ipsos, 44% of Americans support the idea of removal of the tramp. That’s a lot, but in fact means nothing more than the depth of the split in the United States.

In the civil strife now more drawn into the culture. So, Hollywood traditionally on the democratic side, and trump are watered, without choosing words. Many movies and TV shows now removed so that it is clear how bad trump and those who support it. As an example, we have already talked about the talented series about the history of Fox News channel, “the loudest voice”. Talented, but not biased. For trump and his friends hang all the dogs — from adultery and harassment at work to the manipulation of news and hypocritical patriotism.

And here came, as they say, the response. Now in Russia already in the picture its the great Clint Eastwood. He is probably the only one in Hollywood who initially supported trump. Actor and Director — 89, but not going to surrender, he is shooting a new film — “the Richard Guala”. On real events. About how the patriot — the Eastwood — explicit Association with trump is trying to sue for anything. And it is the American press plays in the drama scenario a fatal role. And American intelligence services prepared the hero to bury.

the basis of the Plot — the real events of 1996 in America, when during the Olympics in Atlanta a security guard unjustly dismissed from the police force, discovers laid down by a terrorist bomb. Manages to inform and thereby saves the lives of so many people. However, as the investigation progresses, suspicion falls on the guard. Like, a psychological portrait of the guy is that he could lay bomb, then to be the hero.

the Active version of the journalist subtly picks up, and in the morning is a sensation and harassment. Predatory press shamelessly bends the line, and law enforcement working with her. There are special services with the abyss of depravity, deliberately lured the hero into traps to prove the guilt of the innocent. Then it turns out that the guy is clean. But in America, no one apologized before a real security guard that found the bomb in Atlanta, and he went through all the hell of becoming an outcast, with all the hopelessness of the situation — and now — hints Clint Eastwood — no one in front of the trump in America have not apologized for the allegations that were scattered still. And, it seems, doesn’t apologize after the failure of impeachment.

For the Democrats the film’s protagonist — a suspicious white people are called “hides the back of the neck”, a simple worker from the provinces. Just the electorate trump. In General, the Clint Eastwood — like in its long and already prohibited by political correctness cowboy movies – firing from the hip.

Text: “News of the week”