Outdoor kit: don't forget to put a sensible head

the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said that must be in the so-called summer resident kit – both literally and in the figurative sense of these words.

It’s not only about the medications also should be – especially those people takes time.

it is Important to remember that the cottages are often far from hospitals and clinics, so it is necessary to accurately determine not only the phone but also the closest way to the health facility, because sometimes to drive there is faster than in a remote location to wait for the ambulance.

it would Also be useful to know their neighbors and learn in case, if any of them are doctors.

Also desirable to have a notebook telephone your doctor.

And yet, says Dr. Miasnikov, a first aid kit you need, figuratively speaking, “put a wise head”, because caution must be marginal, especially if you are working with a chainsaw, angle grinder, an axe or other similar instruments.

the Doctor says that in the holiday season in the hospital receives a huge number of people with cut fingers and even hands. And all because people either can not or will not carefully handle these instruments.

as for drugs, in addition to the already mentioned drugs that people take on a regular basis (and it is better to take stock), you have to have all sanitizers, Allergy medications, stomach disorder, eye drops, and ear, perhaps, in emergency cases, some antibiotics and pain pills.

of Course, in the country there should be a supply of bandages in case you hurt yourself and need to bandage the wound.

Dr. Miasnikov is also reminiscent of a folk remedy for heartburn is a half teaspoon of water. So soda in the economy should be, too.

you shouldn’t use it, says the doctor, but sometimes as a means of first aid can be used.

Also, the doctor reminds, all medicines should be checked regularly for expiration dates and store them in conditions that are specified in annotations.