Several women fell victim to an attack with so-called knockout drops at a summer party of the SPD parliamentary group. “This is an outrageous event, which we immediately reported to the Bundestag police,” says a letter from SPD parliamentary group leader Mathias Martin to the members of the Bundestag and their employees, from which the “Tagesspiegel” quoted on Friday and also the dpa news agency Template.

“We recommend that other people affected report this to the police immediately,” it said. A group spokesman said everything would be done to clarify the matter.

The “Tagesspiegel” also quoted from an internal party chat in which eight people affected were mentioned. A case was confirmed by a test and a complaint was made against unknown persons. There were no further details at first.

The summer party took place on Wednesday at the Chancellery in Berlin. In addition to SPD MPs and employees in the Bundestag and the constituencies, Chancellor Olaf Scholz also took part. According to the “Tagesspiegel”, there were around 1,000 guests at the farm festival – significantly fewer than in the past due to the corona pandemic.