Ovechkin threw two washers in gate

In the regular season of the National hockey League began on game day. “Washington capitals” with the score 2:0 beat “Carolina Harrikeyns”. Both goals scored by Alexander Ovechkin.

Alexander in the first period, scored twice. First scored in the game in equal structures, and then implemented a numerical advantage. Ovechkin scored his 685 and 686 of the puck, which allowed him to get around Teemu selanne to get to 11th place in the list of the best scorers in NHL history. Now Alexander can crawl Mario Lemieux, on account of which 690 heads.

Comrades Ovechkin on the team – defenseman Dmitry Orlov and forward Evgeny Kuznetsov and forward of “Carolina” Andrey Svechnikov scored two penalty minutes. The goalie, “capitals” Ilya Samsonov repelled all shots made on his goal, his first overseas career played to zero.