Over 153,3 thousand tons of contaminated soil removed from the scene of a fuel spill near Norilsk

the day rescuers have taken about 5 thousand tons of soil contaminated by the spill of petroleum products at Norilsk. Now from the place of incident removed 153 309 tons of soil. Such data media reported the representatives of the operational headquarters.

Since the beginning of operations specialists processed sorbent 110,8 kilometers of coastline and 212,9 thousand square meters of contaminated areas, reports TASS.

on may 29 this year on the territory of CHPP-3, Norilsk-Taimyr energy company as a result of subsidence of the concrete platform and the destruction of the tank spilled over 21 thousand cubic meters of oil products in reservoirs and 180 thousand square meters of soil.

the accident attracted 473 a technician also used 235 units of special equipment.